Best 10 Black and Red Combo Nail Designs

Like makeups, we get an opportunity to deal with colors when making different nail arts. Nail arts convey an individual mood, such as optimism or dark emotions. There is a manicure for every mood that you want to express. Therefore, you need to plan before purchasing a nail polish, gel, or dipping powder starter kit. The drama, mystery, and darkness portrayed by a black and red combo can only be equated to that of characters in Halloween movies or Iconic villains in Disney films, but of course, it is in the right way. After a long and deep dive into the world of manicure, we found some of the best black and red combo nail design ideas that can suit you.

Top Black and Red Combo Nail Designs

Lines and Dots

Lines and dots is a black and red combo manicure first created by Paintbox Nails NYC design studio. It is made up of dots and stark lines, making it the ideal design for minimalists and individuals who like nail designs that they can take to the office and rock their free time on weekends.

Dalmatian Print

This Chillhouse made nail design is Cruella de Vil inspired to bring out the inner Disney villain mood in you. The design is artsy and chic and perfect for every skin tone. It is made using beautiful Dalmatian spots and red squiggles. Besides, it fits nicely into modern nail art, which makes it hipper.

Black with Red Border

This nail design is not only iconic and romantic but also the best for everyday wear. It is made using OPI dipping powder infinite shine in We’re In The Black, The Bar, and Raisin. The red color is applied along the nails’ edges while black is used on the remaining nail parts.

Reverse Manicure

Reverse manicure is an inspiring nail art design trending on Instagram and beauty blogs. The black and red combo is a type of French manicure suitable for everyday wear. The kajal liner on the design gives the design an inky rock ‘n’ roll guise that couches every onlooker’s attention.

Ombre Corset

This corset nail design is on the loose, and its incredible allure is intoxicating. If you have been looking for an artistic nail design to wear throughout Halloween, winter, or autumn, the ombre corset is the masterpiece you have been looking for. The black ombre base and the subtle red color takes the design up the notch.

Wavy Stripes

Do you remember Michael Keaton in the movie Beetlejuice and his mysterious transformation into a daunting serpent? The scene inspires the Wavy Stripes black and red combo manicure, albeit in a minimalistic and cool manner. The Chillhouse NYC made design is highly inspiring and ideal for bold souls who walk with heads right up ahead. To achieve the design, a nail color like Essie Sand Tropez Nail Polish or any other excellent sandy beige nail color is first used as the base. The squiggly detail is achieved by applying proper crimson, white, and black paint to design eye-catching effects.

Vampy Roses

If you are looking for a way to look vampy and romantic at the same time, you should try the Vampy Rose nail design. The combo of black and red instigates a funny combo like that of Morticia and Disney princess. The aesthetics in its mien are perfect for cold seasons.

Winter Tartan

Creativity has no limits, and the Winter Tartan is a living example. It involves a combination of winter and autumn fabrics, leaving a manicure that is nothing short of incredible. Unfortunately, other colors from black and red will be needed to achieve the effect, but you will not regret your efforts.

Red Flames

At the Paris Fashion Week in 2018, the red flames design was unveiled. The fiery black-and-red design is an incredibly stunning design that every manicure lover should try. The edgy red flames win the design a position in the hearts of everyone. Besides being eye-catching, it is also both dramatic and bold.

Hand Painted Roses

This design promises you a dark Ophelia ambiance. The black and red colors are used to paint fun pick roses either by professionals in salons or for DIY at home. The nail base is painted using red color, and then the rose petals are prudently hewed on the rest of the nail parts using a toothpick dished in black color.

Other black and red colors combo nail design that may interest you include the Half and Half, Geometric Shapes, Dramatic French Tips, Crescent Swirl, Black-to-Red Gradient, Bloody Drips, Dracula Fangs, Shimmering Swoops, Super Cute, Waves for Daze, and Kisses and Hugs.


If you never thought that a combo of red and black could make a manicure that is so gorgeous that you end up getting goosebumps, you should try some of these artistic nail designs. Just visit a nail parlor and ask for the design that interests you the most or purchase the required ingredients and try it at home.