Exciting LDS Nail Art Designs To Enhance Your Beauty

Nail art is something beautiful, but regular manicures do not last long. Hence, it can be frustrating at times. However, you have an excellent option in gel manicures because they stay comfortably longer. Hence, a polish nail gel art job is preferable to regular lacquer manicures.

LDS Nail Art Designs

Before discussing some exciting LDS nail art designs, let us look at the benefits of gel nail art over other similar manicures.

  1. Gel nail art lasts much longer than the others.
  2. It is possible to have intricate gel nail art designs.
  3. As they require curing under a UV lamp, you do not wait for them to dry.
  4. Gel nail art allows you to use an exciting range of colors and designs.
  5. A DIY job is possible with gel nail art, provided you know how to paint well with both hands.

Here are some exciting nail art designs you can have.

LDS Nail Art Designs

The drip effect can be mesmerizing

The gold drip nail art job can be enchanting to look at. Depending on your preferences, you can have this art job over your regular nail manicure or on your plain nails. However, having the drip nail art on your natural nails adds to the overall beauty. The golden-colored drip design oozes beauty at every step as it matches beautifully with your gold rings and bracelets. Thus, it transports your beauty quotient to the highest levels.

The bold brushstrokes design redefines beauty

The advantage of nail art is that it allows you to be as creative as possible. The bold brushstrokes design is a perfect example of what creativity can achieve. The best combination is white and gold, which enhances your beauty levels. You can have a transparent base coat over which you can have these stroke-filled designs. The exciting aspect is that there is no fixed design to follow. Hence, you can have different shapes and designs on each of your fingers to add to your attraction quotient.

The half-moon designs look out-of-the-world

Another favorite design that teenagers love is the half-moon shapes on your nails. You can paint two lines as close as possible to the cuticles to make them look prominent. A transparent basecoat adds to the overall beauty and makes your LDS nail look natural. Having different colors on each of your fingernails is an excellent idea. Though it is a simple design, it offers your nails one of the best looks.

Color-blocking allows for creating exotic shapes

Color-blocking enhances your nail’s beauty to the next level. Generally, you use nail color combinations that gel well. But, color blocking allows you the liberty to try something out of the ordinary by using optometrically different colors and still ensure an enchanting look. In addition, it enables you to create exquisite designs to enhance the overall feel of your nails and make them look stunning.

Detailed designing takes time but looks gorgeous

Detailed designing is challenging nail art, but it can look absolutely gorgeous on your nails. The best way to go for an intricate design is to have a French manicure with yellow or light-green tips. Subsequently, you add exciting designs on your nails. For example, you can have a floral arrangement or paint butterflies. Nail stickers also look excellent if you have a transparent basecoat. Finally, the topcoat layer seals the designs and adds to the glamor quotient.

Embellishments like crystals add to your beauty

The advantage of having polish nail gel is that you can have additional embellishments like foil, crystals, etc., to your nail art designs. However, these embellishments need a topcoat application to hold in place. You can have various designs like clouds, stars, moon, etc., and add these diamante crystals to add to the overall beauty.

Negative space designs are the latest trends today

Youngsters love to experiment with almost all types of nail manicures. Today’s latest trends include negative-space nail art involving a layer of multiple colors that add a new dimension to your attraction quotient. This trend involves trying out colors that you would usually not have in the ordinary course. Then, you can embellish it with a traditional French manicure with white tips adding to the contrast and making your nails look more attractive.

These designs and experiments are not possible with other nail manicures like dip powder and acrylic. Though traditional nail polish and lacquer can create similar embellishments, nothing can beat gel polish.

Final Thoughts

Every woman loves to display her artistic skills when doing her nails. Colors gel nail allows her to introduce exciting designs to enhance her beauty to the next level. We have discussed several innovative techniques and trends to help add to your high-quality nail designs and embellishments collection. After all, nails are critical to defining a woman’s beauty quotient.