Follow These Tips to Get the Best Dip Nail Manicure

A dip nail manicure is an exciting process that has revolutionized your cosmetics. It has eliminated the use of harmful UV rays for drying the polish. Besides, you do not contend with the pungent smell of acrylic nail polish. Dip powders are odorless and come in an exciting range of colors to suit every woman’s preferences. Another excellent feature of dip nail manicures is that you can have them at home. Removing dip powder from your nails can be challenging, but you can master the technique with practice.

Follow These Tips to Get the Best Dip Nail Manicure

Here are some qualitative tips to help you get the best out of your dip nail manicure.

Exciting Tips For a High-quality Dip Manicure

Having a dip manicure is an art. So, the following practices can help ensure high-quality dip nails that can last comfortably for three to four weeks.

Check the temperature – It’s crucial

The room and body temperatures are crucial for your dip powder applications. The higher the temperature, the quicker the application time. Therefore, we advise people to use AC rooms when having SNS dip nails manicures. The AC reduces the body temperature and makes it comfortable. Otherwise, you find the basecoat and topcoat drying quickly and preventing you from having the best dip powder manicure.

The thinner the basecoat layers, the better

Dip powder differs from other manicures because you must contend with a thick layer of powder on your nails. In contrast, a gel application requires a few strokes with the brush, and the job is over. It is not so in a dip powder application. Instead, the procedure requires applying a basecoat, dipping the nails in dip powder, having the applicator gel, and finally, the topcoat application.

So, you have four layers in a dip manicure. Therefore, we recommend having as thin a basecoat layer as possible. A thin basecoat layer prevents the dip powder layer from becoming thick and uneven. Consequently, you save time activating the powder and curing it. However, the basecoat dries quickly. Hence, you should be ready with all ingredients, including the SNS dip powder. In addition, it allows the uniform absorption of dip powder on your nails.

Take good care of your cuticles

Many people make the mistake of flooding the cuticles with basecoat and dip powder. As a result, the powder layer spreads over the cuticles and harms the manicure. In addition, it can cause the lifting of the dip powder layer and water seepage, leading to bacterial contamination and nail infections. Therefore, we suggest having the first basecoat layer cover around 50% to 60%. Then, you can take the subsequent layers closer to the cuticle. But, you must leave sufficient space near the cuticles and do not flood them.

Contaminating the activator gel with basecoat and topcoats is not advisable

Every dip powder manicure should use the recommended activator gel compatible with the basecoat, dip powder, and topcoat. Contaminating the activator gel and replacing it with a cheaper product affects the overall manicure. First, the poor-quality activator gel does not bind well with the powder and the basecoat, leading to an imperfect manicure. Secondly, we suggest using a separate brush for the activator. Secondly, the activator can quickly cure and harden the topcoat application brush. Therefore, we recommend wiping the brush using a lint-free wipe after every application.

Mix the dip powder thoroughly before its application

The dipping powder contains various ingredients of different weights. For example, the glitter and the shimmers are heavy. So, they sink to the bottom. The other components remain at the top because they are lighter. Therefore, you must mix the dipping powder well before applying it. You can use a small wooden stick to mix the powder. Under such circumstances, please ensure not to spill the powder on the table. Mixing the powder ensures a uniform application on the nails.

Use the topcoat application sparingly

Multiple layers of the topcoat application can lead to an uneven finish and dull spots. Therefore, we recommend minimum usage of the topcoat layer. But, if you experience matte areas, we suggest rectifying them using a shine buffer. It eliminates these spots and ensures that your dip nails remain as beautiful as ever.

Be careful with the removal procedure

Please refer to the product manual to learn how to remove dip powder manicures. The process involves soaking the nails in acetone. But, we recommend filing the dip powder as much as possible before soaking them in acetone. It hastens the removal process and reduces your nail exposure to acetone. Please note not to push the dip powder residue from the nail, but allow it to slide off naturally.

Final Thoughts

We have discussed crucial aspects of powder dip nails that can prove helpful to everyone. So, use these tips and get the best dip powder manicure in town.