The 11 Best Nail Colors for Winter 2020

There is no better way to improve your looks than by wearing a chic mani that complements your outfits when it comes to winter. It is great to polish your nails in winter rather than leaving them bare because the harsh weather accelerates their peeling and cracking. Therefore, polishing them is a great way to offer them protection from the harsh weather. Nonetheless, you do not just paint your nails with any color that you find in the store. This article presents some of the colors that proved to be the best for a winter mani.

Best Nail Colors for Winter

Nail Lacquer in Things I’ve Seen in Aber green

Those who love OPI nail polish have something to smile about because this dark hue is best for winters. It best fits those who are bold enough to allow their nails to peek out of their sleeves despite the harsh weather. For this winter season, a glimmering statement in green complemented by a stylish earthy shade can give you the uniqueness you desire.

Nail Polish in Easily Suede

This Essie made color is one that you should not miss in your winter color collections. It is a neutral hue that conforms well to the winter background. The taupe is stunning, and it leaves you looking just as elegant and on point as a classic cashmere pullover.

Crushed Ice Holographic Nail Polish

When you look at the sky and see the twinkling stars, have you ever wondered whether you could translate the same look to your nails? Well, diamonds can do magic. The Crushed Ice Holographic Nail Polish looks like diamonds. It emulates gemstone glimmers such that you will always have diamonds on your fingertips.

Nail Polish in Fall-ing for Milan

If you have been using OPI dipping powder on your nails, OPI nail lacquer will not do you any harm. The sandy gold color will definitely catch your eyes with the elegance of its mien. It is great for any skin tone, and perhaps a glass of champagne will make you look better.

Plant Power Nail Polish in Swear By Salutation

When your days become shorter and colder, vampy oxblood is the best color to try out. This plant-based color is formulated to protect your nails from both the weather and the chemicals that are mostly used in the manufacture of nail polishes. Therefore, you will always feel good and secure whenever you wear it on your nails.

Nail Lacquer in Sugarette

When you look at the white winter background, know that Nail Lacquer in Sugarette can make you look better on the snow. Like the snow on the mountain top, the smoky color that looks shimmery makes things more interesting.

Le Vernis in Radiant Ballerina

This pretty-in-pink mani might be what you have been looking for. It is made to look great on every skin tone with its metallic blush shade. If you are looking to add a little more elegance to your look, Le Venis will suit you because it is trendy and chic.

Nail Polish in Ballet Slippers

This sheer blush shade made from Essie is an Iconic brand that helps you spend your winter in style. Allow pinks and sheer nudes to reign this winter because you deserve all the elegance you can get. If you want to have a more opaque finish, you can achieve it by adding a few more paint coats.

Nail Lacquer in Royal Appointment

This soft subtle pink mani is the epitome of winter beauty. You can never go wrong by choosing this polish. The Patent Shine 10x formula from Butter London should be your ultimate choice this winter. It lives up to its name and gives manicure lovers a reason to smile.

Nail Polish in Azurite

Just like the enchanting night sky, this polish gives you a perfect allure, more than you have ever known. It is a moody blue polish that gives you elegance more than you have ever imagined. The twinkling flecks it leaves behind also make the nails glitter in every swipe.

Lacquer of Love Crème Nail Polish

This nail polish is an elegant alternative to a black manicure. It leaves you looking more gorgeous with a snow background. If you love black or tones of black, this is the way to go because Mischo Beauty has got you covered.

Other similar nail polish color that you can try out include Enamored Hi-Shine Nail Polish in152 Bark, Nail Lacquer in Fosse Fingers, Lakur in Cheeky Noir, Tea Time, Nail Lacquer in Leonardo’s Model Color, and ColorStay Gell Envy Nail Enamel in Silky Negligee among others.


Just like any other season of the year, you still have to stay elegant, even in winters. It might be cold, but life does not stop. You still to go to work, go out with friends or even attend parties. However, there are nail polishes that work best with the snowy background. Just choose one of the colors above and try it on, and your winter will be more gorgeous than ever.